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Queens, NY
Hi - I' ve been patching together a coral frag system for over a year and need some advice - from someone who could stop by my school. It's a 60 gallon tank with a 36 gallon sump. I've got a variety of donated lights and skimmers, pumps, etc.... I have API test kits as well. I also have 15 brackish tanks that have served as homes for mummichugs and sheepshead minnows mud crabs, grass shrimp and various inverts over the years. I have a NYS Collector's license, but getting specimens for class has been a hassle. NYC DOE will not allow kids in the water to seine, and HRPT on Pier 84 - near my school, where we have an Oyster Restoration Station as part of the Billion Oyster Project, has been very successful at keeping up from collecting at our local spot.

If anyone's willing/able to pop by my class to give me some tips, it'd be much appreciated. We have a GREAT Parent's Association and I'm sure they'd help me get what we need to get this off the ground.