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I connected my plumbing today. It was a tough task since adding pvc primer got all over my valves, so now it looks like a picasso drawing.

However, I ran into a major problem once powering up the pump, all the water almost overflowed from my tank, so I had to slow down the flow w/ a gate valve. Then my overflow box (lifereef box with aquasilencer) started gurgling. So in order for it to stop, I had to slow the flow from the overflow box to the sump. This reduced the sound of water finally. After awhile, I was able to have an equilibrium of water and flow so there wont be gurgling noise and the tank water level wasn't high enough to spill out. However, the overflow box was only half filled; and the return pump chamber was barely covering the return pump; about only 1 inch above the Eheim 1260. The only way to increase the water level in the return chamber is to increase the flow from the overflow box to the sump but then it flows so fast it starts gurgling again.

Does anyone have recommendations? Im such a newbie with sumps. For now I shut off my sump since i dont want to wake up and see a flood. Im running the canister to keep my tank going for the next few days till I figure this issue out.

Help is welcomed =D