Lighting for A 24g Nano


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I know now that im going HQI with my Nano. My question is what is the best set up for my Nano that is only 18inches in width. I am currently looking at the Current Sunpod 20inch 70W with luner lights or the JBJ Viper 70W without Luner lights. Im not a big fan of JBJ only because Im in search of lighting after owning a Nano for only 12 months. Any suggestions from nano owners with HQI?


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I ran the 150w sunpod and I am currently running the 250w sunpod over my 24gal nano.
The 150 is nice, the 250 is bright (better suited for SPS). The nice thing about the 250 is that the ballast isn't built into the hood. I actually get less heat build up with the 250 than the 150. If you're going with mostly LPS and softies check out the T5's. Here is a thread that compares the T5's with 150w sunpod. Very helpful info in here


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With the 250 I have a 10 dollar clip on fan that turns on and blows across the top of the tank to cool the water and I am fine (Just so long as the wife doesn't unplug the fan) Any light will be a cause of heat problems if not properly cooled. Look at my tank thread, it's n my signature. That is with a 150 and a 250 sunpod.

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The 70W has been working great for my 12G AP w/ softies. I need both a fan and small chiller in the summer (w/o the AC on).

What are you planning on keeping in your tank?