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its better to piece your own tank but then that means getting it reef ready or drilled...and then the sump,and all the other equipment your gonna need plumbing etc...
if you cant do a sump..then your gonna have a bunch of filters hanging on the back of the tank...

for a beginner i like the all-in-one tanks too because its all there....dont need plumbing,dont have anything hanging in the back,no worries of plumbing your lights etc....i like the biocube the best..

good some more reading and check out the nano tank threads...that will give you pros and coons of the tanks and give you ideas when you set up your own


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For a Biocube set up. Just stay on top of your water changes. My Biocube 14 has been doing fine so far (knock on wood). It's relatively new. Weekly water changes. Run your Water tests. I did mine about the 4th week to see if everything was ready.

Here's how I started:
-Bought a 6 Stage RO/DI
-Cycled with LR and LS (Get Arag Alive, it's freakin awesome!!!). Keep water flow in the tank. I also bought the Protein skimmer made for Biocubes, just so I have a little bit extra detritus removing.
-I bought a Jager Heater (start off right because many organisms hate Temp. fluctuations)
-Did this for about 4.5 Weeks
-You will have an Algae Boom after about 2 weeks (I just shut off my lights for like 3 days and it disappeared)
-After that I bought some sand sifters (Started off with a Fighting Conch)
-Bought some other inverts the 5th week.
-6th Week I started off with some Frags that fellow reefers sold
-Bought a Clownfish
-Just bought some MacroAlgae to keep Nitrates down in case anything happens

What I wish I would have done
-I was scared at the thought of plumbing, but looking back it isn't that hard. I would definitely upgrade!!! I want more livestock (ie. Yellow and Hippo Tang!!!)
-It's easier to maintain a larger tank, less water changes (because theres more volume, less chance for fluctuation)

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Queens, NY
Wow LadyR,
We have very similar stories. Even our names are similar. Weird! =) I have a 24gal nano cube as well and we have LS and LR (well two pieces) and my husband got suckered into buying two damsels to put into the tank, I have heard that it's a bad thing to do. One of my fish looked like it was about to die but now it's up and swimming about. :) I hope your tank is doing well. :) Good Luck!
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Hi LadyL welcome aboard. This site is really great and you will find a lot of help and information hereM Go out and get some of the books that were recommended to me. They have been really helpfull to me. Good Luck!