5.5g aio stocking up help


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mt vernon/bronx
hey there just finished my 5.5 aio and ran a "wet test to make sure my levels are correct along with h2o flow. now im planning on going to my lfs and getting establish lr along with established ls and a water change the equivalent of a 10% of mine from them to get my tank started to minimize cycle. now now i read 1-2 snails per gallon and cant remember for hermits. now i was wondering whats the best ones to get i like variety. and in the fuge should i put a few critters like 1 or 2? i also want one realy atractive apropriate size fish for my tank. any suggestions?. thanks.


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Kinda small for fish


Thats an awfully small volume of water to be working with, and I would say that you probably dont want to try to stock 10 snails in a 5 gallon tank. Depends on the type and size of the snails, but I would probably only stock 2 or 3 astreas or similar...

As for a fish, I am sure you will find others who disagree, but I think there are basically no fish that would be happy in a 5 gallon tank. Maybe (big big maybe) a little clown goby or something, but even that might be a stretch.


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I have a clownfish pair in a 2.5g for 2 years. I had only live rock for 6 months b4 adding fish. A lot of maintenance.