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Hello All...I continue my research and I have a quick question to post:

I see lots of RO ROI systems out there som 3 stage, some 4, some 5, some 6...

Can anyone give info on the differences? Which have you guys found to work best for the hobby? Is this water cool for drinking aswell? If you use a system to fill in a bucket, is there a way to rig it so there is no "overflow"? (I am sure your DIY'er have something out there for this :knockedou )

Thank all in advance for you assistance with my research!


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Typical RO\DI set up have the following:

1st Stage - particle filter, mostly 10 microns and used to remove particles
2nd Stage - carbon filter, 5 microns or less and used to remove chlorine and other toxin.
3rd stage - RO membrane, water impurity rejection take place here
4th stage - DI unit, De-ionizing media "sucks" out what ever is left in the water.

Units with more stages than the basic four supposedly “cleans” the water better, I think the 2nd stage or the 4th stage elements can be “enhanced” by adding more capacity, other filter additions are useless.

My recommendations:

1. Buy a unit with standard size filter housings
2. Buy filter that uses CLEAR housing in stages 1, 2, and 4.
3. Get a unit that uses a good brand of RO membrane like DOW or Filmtec.
4. Get one with a refillable DI cartridge; this will save you a few bucks later.
5. get a dual in-line TDS monitor and a pressure gage, these will let you know the performance level of your RO\DI unit.

You can drink the RO water by taking it before the DI stage.
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Thanks for the info...

Cali, do most models allow you to cut the DI stage for drinking purposes?

Anyone recommend any brands in particular...

Anyone have a good website to research products (ie, skimmers, sumps, light, RO/DI )