Need Feedbacks on Glass Cages Rimless Tanks


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Hi All,

Does anyone have ever dealt with glass cages before? Are those rimless tanks strong and reliable? Also, where are they located? It's just a crazy idea to ship a glass fish tank, so I prefer local pick up.


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I've dealt with them before. Not a great place to do business with. You can lookup a thread on them on the 3reef forums. Mostly negative feedback. They are located in Tenn. It's not really a shipped tank. You'll still have to meet them somewhere like whiteplains or something. I picke up a 195 glass from them. It's made very well as far as stability is concerned. Customer service from them is extremely poor. Just hope you never need to use it.


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You'll find that many people on here have Glass Cages tanks, so you can do a search on the site right here and find plenty of feedback on all the Pros and Cons or getting a tank fro Glass Cages.


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I have a 55 R/R rimmless from them and was very skeptical at first. However, I bought one that was pretty standard. I did not have any issues other than Minor sloppy silicone work.



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I've dealt with them twice with good experiences on both.
Good prices and great customer service.
The silicone is ok, but what do you expect from a custom made tank.


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I own one, it's the shallow one in my signature. I had a lot of problems with the design.

There work is definitely sloppy. You can clean some of it up. On the rimless tanks I would not suggest going bare bottom because the eurobracing is done extremely extremely sloppy. I needed a nice sandbed to cover it. They don't choose perfect panes of glass, the top of one of my panes is chipped. Not horribly but definitely not acceptable if you ask me. You need to stay on top of there work. I feel they will use stuff just laying around to cut on costs. They made the holes 1" and 2" instead of 1/2" and 1". They made the overflow dimensions huge and the weirs were not cut properly and forced the waterline to be 1 cm from the top rim. The person I bought the tank should have never accepted this.

The tanks are built very strong. I would still own another one just stay on top of them to make sure it was done the right way and the way I want. I didn't deal with them direct but there are similar stories out there.


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For a custom made tank , care and attention should be paramount. Not like it's moving through an assembly line.. Where the tank has to be made quickly - that's just my opinon.


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ive owned a couple of their tanks. glass and acrylic, they hold water and do the job, silicone is a little sloppy but a razor blade fixes that, but you also arent paying the price of other manufacture's


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I have a 20 gal one I was gonna use as an anenome tank but if ur intrested in that size u can come take a look at it it's empty right now

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