Looking to improve a nano


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Have a 12 gal jbj nanocube. seems to have cycled and we just put in some cleaner crew.

i recognize the difficulties in maintaining a smaller tank, but my wife has become quite attached to it (the whole cute thing i'm guessing)

so what i'm wondering, is what can i do to maximize water quality? the pivoting lid doesnt lend itself to a skimmer and i really dont want to get into a sump for such a small tank.

theres apparently a way to create a DIY surface skimmer from an old fashioned cassette box. but will the surface skimming really help?

i've got phos ex and carbon in the back half of the tank.

i wont let her heavily stock it but would like to keep it as tight as possible ....primarily because i'm anal. figure i can use it as a quarantine tank



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They do sell a skimmer that fits inside the overflow in the back of the tank.One of my customers just got it, I`ll find out who has it and get back to you.Tim.....


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Get the skimmer that will fit the tank- and use an auto top off unit so that there aren't large salinity spikes w/o you noticing.

I have a 16 g.- and I have to say I'm farily lazy at doing water changes now that my tank is estabilished (8 months now)- I try to do 2g once a week, but usually end up doing it only every other week. I have never had a problem w/ my water quality- but I do have a Remora skimmer, a large clam, and Xenia. The clam seems to soak up nitrates, and the xenia certainly helps with filtering the water. I also don't keep SPS, so I can be a little more lenient w/ water quality.


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If you wanted to use organic filtration you could do a DIY refugium. This is not my own DIY. I read this on nano-reef.com and decided to try it. The back of the cube on the outside is covered with a thin layer of black vinyl. Just peel off the vinyl the length of one of the back compartments. Fill that compartment with cheato and place a small light facing the chaeto. Since the vinyl backing is removed, it allows the light to through. I use a azoo palm light and it does the job well.