Is my lighting schedule ok?


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Ok, since I got my lights which are the nova extreme T5 with 4 bulbs, I've been running them on this schedule, but am not completly sure if it's ok.

12:00 pm: blue goes on
2:00 pm: white goes on
10:00 pm: white goes off
12:00 am: blue goes off

I run this fixture on timers from GE.

I keep a few corals in my tank and one ritteri anemone. I have 2 chalices, a clam, a large zoa colony, green mushrooms, toadstool, hammer, candy cane frag, and a red blasto frag.

I will be upgrading to LEDs soon but in the meantime, I was just wondering if this schedule was ok.


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i think its a little excessive but some people like to run there lights for 12 hours. i would say 10 hours is fine.

Blue on 12:00 pm
white on 1:00 pm
white off 9:00pm
blue off 10:00pm
lunar on