new 6 gallon fluval edge tank


Stefan Dimera

hello everyone i am new here . i just bought me the 6 gallon fluval edge tank and it comes with the 10 watt halg bulbs i want to replace those with either the mr16 leds or the mr11 leds .. lowes sells both of them which one should i buy and use for my lights ? also i will be adding live sand and about 3 to 6 pounds of live rock to this tank and i will want to add a crab and maybe a shrimp any ideas and info would be great .. also do i have to wait to cycle the tank before adding the crab ? thank you and i hope to hear your answers have a great weekend everyone :bigeyes:


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First point:
The mr11 and mr16 are not swapable bulbs. The Fluval Edge comes with sockets for MR11, you have to swap out the sockets for mr16. You can use the same power supply.

Second point:

The led lights that are sold in Lowes are not reef appropriate lighting. They are too low on the Kelvin rating and will give you a yellow light. Look here LED Wholesalers.

Third point:

You have to figure out a way to protect the LED bulbs.
Otherwise this will happen if you leave them exposed to the saltwater:

A piece of acrylic to cover the opening should be enough. I used a piece of scrap I had laying around.