Reefkeeper LT Ph Probe


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I recently set up my new reef keeper light and when it came to calibrating the pH probe I didn't get what I was looking for to say that it was calibrated. Does anyone have clear description on how to calibrate. Thanks


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First you place it in the low end solution and leave it in there while watching the raw numbers, keep it in there until the number stops fluctuating, this may take a few minutes. You then do the same thing for the higher PH solution. I don't have the exact directions near me to word it better.


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James404 is somewhat correct, on my RKE it took about 45 minutes to an hour in each solution. The raw data will continue to fluctuate with the numbers staying within a certain range, when you reach this point then you save the data then go to the next calibration step which should be your high range calibration. Note clean the probe between the low and high calibration step with RO water.