Shkerry aqua skimmer shk-1802 set up


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I just bought/received this protien skimmer in the mail an it did come with instructions! So I was wondering if anyone had bought this skimmer and set it up successfully, or not. Here's a pic of it spewing micro bubbles in my tank.

My iPhone makes the water look green but its actually pretty clear.


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No offense but it looks like the cheap Odyssea type skimmer they sell on eBay. I made the same mistake of purchasing one when I first started but realized I need a better skimmer shortly after and I still went with a coralife superskimmer which was also pretty bad till finally I got an ASM for a while. I see you need a HOB though so I would go with a CPR Bak-Pak or Aqua-C Remora both of which are on sale in the marketplace right now


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I did the same thing by buying a Seaclone hob skimmer. It looks pretty much the same as your. Its a big POS. Def try the skimmers recommended above. If you have room to set up a sump, you will have a lot more options.

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