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Manhattan Reefs
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Long Island
Blue hornets 3p 50$ (True African blue hornets)
Gb bow tie blasters 6p 100$
Goblins on fire and blue hornets combo rock 200$
Over 10p blue hornets and 3-5p of the goblins
Goblins on fire 2p 2babies 30$
Illumanatis 3p 120$
Illumanatis 4p 150$
illumanatis 6+ p 200$
Red hornets 2p 20$
rainbow infusions 12+ 100$
Goblins, cry babies, blowpops combo rock 100$

If you are serious text me 6312411615
If you want a frag pack I will work with you
If you text me a price I will not answer
If you buy multiple I will ship
I can meet depending on location and time of the week. Thank you
Located eastern Long Island