Shoutout! Tank breakdown coral and equipment forsale.


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I am finally breakdown my tank because I am moving. Everything must go, corals are 30 for the purple tip hammer 4 heads. If you want more heads that can be arranged. 75 for the toxic mini colony. The orange frog spawn is 75 for 2 heads. Zoas for 25 to 50. Large purple hairy mushroom 100. Fish are 30 to 50 for the dwarf angels. The yellow tang 35. All others are 15.

Once those are gone the rock and all hardware will be sold.

48 x 30 x 25 tank euro braced with external overflow stand and canopy 600

Hydra 26 HD 180 in black.

White custom king sump 48 x 20 x 18 for 350.

Warner Marine skimmer 325. Need impeller.

I have plenty more items for sale just ask and I will let u know if it for sale and prices.

Fast response is text 917 678 2507, and I am available this week. Delivery isn't free so if you are going to ask expect to pay. Location is Brooklyn by brooklyn college.


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