Coral Fs: frags sps zoas and chalice


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Manhattan Reefs
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Long Island
Watermelon chalice 2 eyes (clipped a month ago, healed) 100
Nirvanas zoas 20+polyps sold
Nirvana zoas 8+ polyps 20
Purple tip branching hammer each head 20
Psammacora chunk 50
Yumma 50
Tsa princess peach 1” frag green but healthy mother colony in picture frag 50
Mills stylo can cut a mini branch 20
Jf afterburner undata monti 50
Rainbow monti chunk 1”x1” 30
Illuminati zoas 8 polyps 120
Wwc superstars 3 polyps 120

Lake Grove and Ronkonkoma I can meet. I will ship but it’s 30 I will have an experienced shipper help. I am not driving all over NY to sell these. If you Really do want any of these Text me. 6312411615
I take PayPal and Venmo


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