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You get hair algae if your params are way can have a small episode if you bring Inna coral that has some on it..but as long as your params in your tank are good , The tangs usually take care of them and won't be an issue
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There are so many times, where I've placed a frag in my tank, which brought, bubble, hair, flat worms and one time, ich. This is a good point, the only way to avoid is to set up a QT for the frag. OR the frag is removed from the base. The base plug is the problem. For me, I simply remove the frag from the plug or use only fresh cut frags, then mount them on my own plug, which I place into my main tank. QT for a frag is probably not needed at this point, except for parasites that live on the corals itself.


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I was battling hair / bubble algae for 10 months. Did large water changes. Tried Vibrant and then this stopped working.

Even after bleaching tank it came back because fellow reefers I bought frags from already had it.

The great solution from my fellow refer was a yellow tang.... Munches all day.

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