just some photos of my tank


Manhattan Reefs
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staten island
Everything looks dope..
Few questions...
How long peak photoperiod?
Lowest par
Highest Par
No algae on plugs? Fresh cuts?
What using for nutrient control?

What cuts available?
Peak is 530 hours. Plus 430 hours of ramping up/down.
Highest par in my display is at 450 average. Lowest was 200 except now everything grew in so theres alot of shading.

I used to qt everything I got, until about 2 years back i got redbugs. So I started cutting everything off the plugs and just remount them. I soak all my frag plugs, they never grow algae thankfully. Other then that I have some Valonia in spots of my tank my fish cant get to.

I have tons and tons of frags. I'll have to get a video and post it up on here.