My tank reboot log

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Added fish yesterday.

A second clownfish
Filament Fairy Wrasse (male)
1 male lyretail anthias
3 female lyretail anthias

Bought them from Salgado Aquatics in the Bronx, small but nice shop run by a husband and wife that go above and beyond for their customers.

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Starting over - My "new" 80

Hey Guys:

I have been around since just about the beginning of MR. While on here I started out with a used 55 Gallon tank to upgrading to a 180 with all of the trimmings then I downgraded to a used 40 gallon breeder.

Long story short, for the past 5 months I have been mostly home bound because I tore my achilles tendon in my left foot and tore a different tendon in my right foot. Add to that my other health issues and I am going batty.

My 40 never thrived. Too many issues- I am using a 15 Gallon tank as a sump with no baffles, so a major PITA to keep the skimmer calibrated, etc.

Soooo... My buddy changed his mind on his tank so I took it off his hands. Hopefully on Thursday or Friday I will be getting a few of my friends together to move it to my place (16 blocks away) with about 50 gallons of water, the sand, etc.

This tank is an 80 gallon that is practically new with a new sump.

I will keep this thread open to post photos and updates.

Question- Anyone on the UWS have any empty 5 gallon water jugs they would be willing to loan me? I have enough to transport about 15 gallons of water in addition to the sand and live rock.

***EDIT: I will be using this thread as a "journal" of my 80. Hopefully it will document my successes and failures. This time around I am taking it really slow and doing it right. No more shortcuts. If I need to add something I will wait until I can afford the best solution instead of settling.
I have a question about skimmer and baffles. I have 36 bowfron with a small probably 5 gallon sump, not much room under bowfront but it has no baffles and I have someone coming to hook up the skimmer later in the week. What kind of problems did this cause you? I dont even know what calibrated means in terms of a skimmer. Know that when I change filter socks ect the skimmer is inmy way and wants to tilt over to one side alot. I am kind of afraid when its working all the dirty skimmate is going to pour out. I wonder If I should make a baffle? How would I do that? Haha. A newbie at this! Speking of sump. are you suppose to change water from there and are you supposed to vacum down there with each water change? I had sump flood once but I had moved the return down instead of sideways so maybe hats whybut when I turn pump bck on the sump fills to top first and goes past the waterline, afraid it going to knock over skimmer then as well. Sorry to highjack thread. Hope you having good luck with new tank

reefer woman

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I have 2 fish, cleandr shrimp and about 6 corals and frags. Really need to add lots of fish after I aquascape! They get lot in the 80 right now.

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Man thats rushing it. Mine has been cycled for about a month and a half and I dont even run lights yet Much less corals. My tanks crashed (!0) gallon and I lost 10 corals but was to scared to move into this tank! I did not have one speck of algae in my !0 gallon and I went very slow with turning lights on and adding corals and I still had a crash Salinty dropped to 1018 though plus added 20 frags I won at once and right before that I traded my rock for some beautiful cave and arch with coraline so maybe that caused the recycle that started then too. Everything went nuts. I lost 2 beautiful colonies and the rest were expensive frags from unique corals Sick over it. I should have moved them but they were looking bad and might not have made it anyway. My softies are good but of course my 2 expensive softies arent One fell of plug and I vacumed it up not realizing it and the other is a tiny loose mushroom basically whats left are zoas and a 2 toadstools and a devils han. Ihad a big green mouth toch and a 0 head braching neon duncan that had such a rare and beautiful growth pattern! I guess the good part is I won mos t of them and Unique really hooked me up! I am looking for lights for my 36 gallon. Anyone with good lights for sale?