Waterbox 15g Peninsula Mini Anemone Tank


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New here! Well been a member but haven’t posted yet... Until today while watching MACNA 2020
Been in the hobby for around 8yrs+ in the hobby and currently focusing on nano tanks.

Here is my Anemone Tank 15g

1 ocellaris clownfish
1 maroon clownfish
3 hermit crabs
around a dozen of mixed snails

Tank: Waterbox 15 Peninsula Mini
Lighting: AI Prime 13HD (old version)
Return Pump: Hydor 300 Pico
Skimmer: Icecap K1 Nano
ATO: gravity fed Bottle ATO
Heater: 75w petco heater
Temp controller: Inkbird
Filtration: Chemipure blue nano packet, Activated carbon, Marine pure ceramic bioballs and filter floss.

There are 11 bubble tip anemones in this tank
2 Sherman rose bubble tip
7 rainbow bubble tips
1 rose bubble tip
1 green bubble tip

I do weekly 4g water change, I clean the glass every other day and clean the sand right before every water change. I change the activated carbon every 2-4 weeks, the chemipure blue every 1-2 months and only use filter floss the day before and after water changes.

How the Tank looks today

... and how it has looked over the last couple of weeks...



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