World Wide Corals' Super Store's Grand Opening Part 2

World Wide Corals

Manhattan Reefs
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Orlando, Florida

By: Richard D Back of Afishionado Channel

"Couple of weeks ago, World Wide Corals, Inc. 's Super Store was finally open to the public. I have covered it during the preparation and construction phase and was one of the first to release the recap video of the whole crazy weekend. Now that some time has passed and the dusts settled, I sat down and went through all the footages and decided to put together a video of all the monolugues from many of the industry professionals from the show as we dived in to tell you guys what this store is all about and what you can expect from this marquee store that shook the aquarium world."

Huge thanks to Deven Rich of @Reef Dudes, Jay Sperandio of EcoTech Marine , Cade Shemanski of AquaIllumination and last but not least, Peter Cherrick of Reef News Network.
Someone asked for bloopers so stay until the end for the blooper treats.
P.S. I noticed that everyone is so tall.
:/ (I refuse to admit that I'm short)