Babylon Snail

Invert Type: Snails

Scientific Name: Babylonia spirata

Diet: Carnivore, Scavenger
Reef Safe: Yes
Aggressiveness: Peaceful
Relative Care: Easy
Photo Courtesy of: By Andrew Butko, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Babylon snail is also known as the Tiger Nassarius, Brown Blotched snail, or Orange Spot Butterscotch snail. It is one of the larger Nassarius snails aquarists can keep in a reef tank, typically growing to 2.5″ in captivity. Like other Nassarius snails, they bury themselves in the sand until they smell food. Feed them meaty foods like frozen mysis, brine shrimp, and other carnivore foods. They will help maintain the aquarium by eating any leftover meaty foods or fish and inverts that perish before they decay, preventing an ammonia spike. Babylon snails are great for keeping a sand bed stirred.

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