RNN Episode 103 – Stuck in the Middle with You: The Brackish Ep

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Equipment, Fish, Industry, Podcast, Tanks

The SKY is the limit, Snow storm and Stuck in the Middle with You. This week Jeremy is setting up the frag tank, at least with temporary equipment and breaking down the tub and Peter is nearly done with the water mixing station! All this and more on Episode 103 of the Reef News Network.


Jeremy- Snow Storm Clownfish is the newest strain based on the Black Storm Clownfish. Sea & Reef created the Snow Storm Clownfish by breeding one of their Black Storm Clownfish with a Phantom Clownfish. The result is a beautiful white fish with Black eyes, fins and lips. The all white and black face makes the Snow Storm Clownfish very distinct from other white morphs like the Wyoming White Clownfish as pictured below.

Main Topic: This is the Reef News Network, why are we talking about Brackish Aquariums??

Listener Request – Joe Joe is a student at one of the schools with a planted aquarium that Jeremy installed. Jeremy has spoken with Joe a number of times and they have discussed all kinds of fish and tanks. Joe requested a while back an Episode on Brackish tanks and even recently did a video project at school about this podcast. In the video he made the request again, so let’s run with it!

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