My take on taking advice online

With the advancement of the internet and our hobby, we are now getting our information faster than ever. No longer are the days of snail mail or looking through books or even email for answers, you can access a plethora of information instantly with just the tips of...

Aquarium Tips with Sanjay Joshi

For this episode, I invited Professor Sanjay Joshi to Afishionado headquarters to hang out, and while he was here, I asked him to share some tips from his experiences in the hobby with me to help make us all better hobbyists and to “bullet-proof” our...

Need Help from Fellow Hobbyists? Don’t Spare the Details!

Before hitting the “help button,” make sure you’ve gathered all the relevant information about your systemWe’ve all been there at one time or another: A major problem arises that’s causing livestock losses—and/or loss of sanity—and we need advice from local fish store staffers, the members of our favorite forum, website moderators, or just friendly local hobbyists on how to find a workable solution. However, when we’re desperate to resolve a problem, we sometimes pose questions in a manner that’s, well, a bit counterproductive. In many cases, the question is worded something like this: “My fish/corals keep dying one after another. It seems like every day I lose one or two more. I don’t see any signs of disease, and all my water parameters are perfect. What could be the problem? Can you recommend a product or medication that will put a stop to this? Please help, as I’m about to quit this hobby in disgust!”While this question conveys a great deal of passion, what it lacks is virtually every pertinent detail that could aid in finding a solution.
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