Deep-Sea Crab

Good morning, I have a cool little crab (about 2 inches wide) from the recent Statia expedition found with a deep-sea submersible by scientists from the Smithsonian Institution and Substation Curacao. Crabs are not always easy to photograph! This one here kept burying himself in the sand with just his or her eyes showing, so finally I gave up and covered the sand with shells giving this little guy no options other than to just sit there and smile for the camera. I’m guessing that this is some kind of swimming crab but again once I get a positive ID I will update these blogs. Have a great day out there.. Barry NEWER POST:

GIANT Deep-Sea Crab found by Smithsonian Institution

Hello readers, I have a monster sized crab for you this morning with one of those faces that only an underwater photographer and it’s mother could love. Many of my long time followers know the love I have for any kind of crab and it’s a love that has grown or come from spending hours or days underwater photographing all kinds of crabs. I tell friends all the time that if they were to watch an octopus or squid underwater they would never eat one again, same thing goes for crabs, they are insanely fascinating to watch underwater and every species not only looks completely different but acts different as well. I apologize in advance for not having depths on all this stuff, I am in the process of getting it but that’s easier said than done, once I do get it I will go back and put that info in all the blogs. Again for those that have been with me for awhile you have seen a lot of different crabs and for those of you interested you can use my search key above to search around and see what I’m talking about. This was another fun find by the Smithsonian Institution using the deep-sea submersible from Substation Curacao and once I get a name on this guy and a depth I will do an update for you.