This Pink and Yellow Blasto is Refreshingly Different

Our blasto kick continues this weeks as we feature another knockout coral, this one from Exotic Reef Creations. This pink and yellow Blastomussa, which we found on found on Reef2Reef, meets all of the requirements to be a killer piece. It sports a vibrant yellow body with an awesome pink outer ring. To add to the vibrancy of the coral, the blasto’s mouth is neon green with green lines radiating away from the center

Aussie Mini Scolys Are to Die For

Recently, Exotic Reef Creations shared a nice batch of fresh Aussie Mini Scolys over on their Reef2Reef page, and for us it served as a beautiful reminder about just how cute these little corals are. About the size of a quarter, the mini Scolymia is packed full of colors that are right on par with their larger cousins. But the fact that they’re essentially miniatures means there is so my more appeal. Seriously, outside of the current trends in smartphones, everyone loves making normal things smaller. The Mini Scolys are priced at $90 a pop, which is pretty much their normal going rate for colors and quality such as this. The tiny corals, like the larger Scolymia, benefit from regular feeding, which is always fun to watch since they extend their feeding tentacles and gobble up all they can within reach. Pictured below is our very own mini scoly, which we picked up months ago at the local Reef Currents event

Polyp Lab Trials: Reef-Roids

Recently I was asked to use and review a couple of products that are manufactured by Polyp Lab, a marine aquarium supplement manufacturer that is located to the north, in Canada and according to their “About Us” page found on the web site, create products...

Acanthophyllia WYSIWYG

Acanthophyllias are fairly rare and more rarely properly identified. I’ve seen many of these in fish stores that were masquerading as Scolymias rather than the rare coral they really...