RAP 2017 Recap

WWC – please send this to me! The guys from Worldwide Corals have done it again with the best Reefapalooza Orlando show I have attended.  In it’s 4th year in Orlando, this was, in my humble opinion, the best run show we have ever been to and I’ve had the pleasure of attending all four Orlando shows as a vendor. When we arrived, the Reefapalooza crew greeted us a the back entrance and within about 20 minutes they had the contents of our truck and trailer unloaded and delivered to our 20′ x 10′ booth.  Our thanks go out to the RAP staff that helped us get our gear into the convention center and bring water to our booth for our coral and Tahitian Maxima clam display.  Well

Reef A Palooza Orlando 2017 : Corals and Awards!

For this Reef A Palooza, we had the pleasure of introducing Reef A Palooza / Afishionado Awards. I teamed up with one and only Professor Sanjay Joshi to find out who brought the best of best. For this video, Sanjay and I went to find who had the best corals and who were the rookie that deserved our recognition. Check it out!