New Version Launch: Orphek Atlantik V4 and Compact Gen

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We just received an exciting announcement from Orphek!

“For the company’s 10th year celebration we decided to rebuild the Atlantik series from scratch while keeping the same overall look, same spectrum, and same power.

What is New?

  • We reprogrammed and launched new apps
  • We reprogrammed the wireless module to connect with a new protocol with the New Gateway 2 so you will have a better, faster, and more reliable connection. We have upgraded the Gateway software to fix all possible bugs
  • Same Mean well water proof power factor 0.97, with improved waterproof connectors

What else you are getting?

We have  improved the quality of Orphek’s internal components!

  • An improved heatsink
  • New electric cable connectors
  • A completely new fan with a certified UL to CE company supplier
  • Improved acrylic parts
  • New aluminum grill size to fit better
  • New aluminum anti-rust paint for longer lifespam
  • Total new screw; better quality bathed in anti-rust paint for ultimate protetion
  •  The PC card in now bathed in a special anti-rust/anti-salt corrosion paint
  • New antenna ring to keep your antenna perfectly placed
  • We have improved the temperature sensor
  • Custom lens for Orphek Deep Aquarium 90, 60, 45, 15, and 5 degrees

Orphek believes in “Protecting Nature’s biodiversity”, which means:

  • Providing solutions with advanced technology that simulate nature in a captive environment as closely as possible
  • Providing environmentally friendly lighting solutions that produce no radiant heat
  • Providing solutions that comply with the WEEE Directive, taking responsibility for environmental waste and its consequences
  • Providing solutions with upgrade possibilities to reduce WEEE
  • Spreading the love and concern for Nature and its creatures

Most Orphek Solutions offer UPGRADE possibility. That means that you can use the same body over and over again!  With the new Orphek Atlantik V4 and Atlantik Compact V4 GEN2 you will have a total new experience and you will also be able to upgrade your previousV4 series to connect with the new Gateway 2!

What else Orphek is offering ?

  • An LED light that is made of full body acrylic. Our light is not only solid and durable, but also beautiful to display.
  • An LED light that comes not with any driver, but with the IP65 Mean Well driver – we give you the best of what the market has to offer!
  • An LED light that comes with a customized plug for your region.
  • An LED light that comes with a hanging kit at no extra cost.”

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