The people behind this study have never been in a NYC Taxi

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This study on fish schooling patterns and crowd management is pretty cool, and indeed has some things in common with automotive traffic but does not account for the following cabbie behaviors:

  • Turning right from the lefthand lane
  • Sitting at a green light because the cabbie opened his door to spit
  • Driving around midtown on a completely flat tire
  • Accelerating towards people crossing the street
  • Giving the finger to the homeless panhandlers at stop lights
  • Doing 50 in the bike lane

A cool video showing the fish in the study follows the jump. Here:

Shoaling mosquitofish

Tracking of eight mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) swimming around an arena. Using these data, we have been able to determine how fish respond to their neighbours’ movements and positions. Work published in: “Inferring the rules of interaction of shoaling fish”, by J.E. Herbert-Read, A. Perna, R.P. Mann, T.M. Schaerf, D.J.T.

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