Vertex Aquaristik, a German company known in USA mainly for their top-shelf line of skimmers and pumps engineered and manufactured with an incredible attention to details, has debuted, amongst other things, it’s brand new line of skimmers- the Omega series. Shown in two sizes, hobbyists familiar with their Aplha line of skimmers are going to find the same class of engineering in Omega. Made of cast acrylic and hand molded PVC and using titanium screws in it’s built, it’s hard to tell the difference between the new Omega and existing Alpha skimmers. What tells them apart?- pump choice and entry level price. I’ve been told by Vertex representative that after months of tests, the company decided to use sicce Syncra pumps in their new skimmers, explaining that the Italian made pumps offer best performance and durability along with affordable price tag.

The new skimmers available in Vertex MACNA booth (according to the gentleman I talked to those were the only units currently present on American soil) looked awesome, the quality of materials and finish were in par with the Bubble King and Aplha series. What’s even better- Omega skimmers are going to be priced well below their other models, expect to pay between $300-$500, depending on the model you choose. According to Vertex, Omega series will be available in US this holiday season. You can check Vertex Aquaristik website later in the year for more details about the upcoming products:

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