Digital Aquatics Lifeguard Hands On

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Digital Aquatics Lifeguard
Our friends at Marine Depot got their hands on the new Digital Aquatics Lifegard, and since seeing is believing, we now have a pretty good idea of what this thing does.  The Lifegard is an aquarium monitoring system with essentially no expandability.  The point is that DA has removed the complexity of a controller-based system and provided an option for aquarists who just want peace of mind when they leave their tanks for a couple of days (or hours!).  While DA as a company has stumbled a few times with their various products, this product eliminates the chance of problems by not being responsible for any OFF/ON decisions.  It’s informational only, and therefore is unlikely to be the source of any problems itself.  A great idea for nano tanks or aquarium owners who want better visibility of basic parameters, the Lifegard will be available soon for $200.

Digital Aquatics Lifeguard

Digital Aquatics Lifeguard

Digital Aquatics Lifeguard

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