First Impression of Ozone in a 2500-gallon Reef Aquarium System

Trying out Ozone for the first time on a large 2500 gallon system. So far I am impressed!Join this channel to get access to perks: #coral #reefaquariumThe salt we use: Reef Crystals - Favorite Fish and Coral Foods: Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet 1.2 mm - Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet 0.8 mm - Dr G’s Food - Nori Sheets - Algae Clips - Quarantine Treatments: Formaldehyde / Formalin - Prazipro - Furan-2 - Coppersafe - Bacteria/Media: Dr Tims One and Only - Brightwell Microbacter7 - Marinepure bricks - Brightwell bricks - Helpful Random Stuff: Sicce Utility Pump - Wireless Remote Control - ETEKCITY Infrared Thermometer - OXO silicone dryer mat - OXO Turkey Baster - Rubbermaid 1/2 Tray - Absorbing: Rubber Anti-Vibration Pad - Sound absorbing panels in the room - Sound Panel Parts: Owens Corning 703 - Roxul Safe & Sound - Guilford of Maine Fabric - Canon C200 Canon 5Ds R - Canon 100mm Macro - Canon 100mm IS Macro L - Canon EF MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro - Stabilization: Freefly Movi Phone Stabilizer - Freefly Movi Pro Stabilizer - Edelkrone SliderONE - Edelkrone HeadONE - Shure SM7B - Sennheiser 416 - Sennheiser AVX Lavalier - Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 - Cloudlifter CL-1 - Aston Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter - Information: This video was shot and edited by Tidal Gardens. Tidal Gardens owns all intellectual property rights to this content.00:10 Introduction 1:01 What is Ozone 1:24 Benefits of Ozone 4:49 Goal of Ozone 5:07 Hangups 11:30 Ozone Generator 12:33 Air Dryer 13:41 ORP Control 14:41 Protein Skimmer 15:14 Dehumidifier 15:54 Elimination of Residual Ozone 17:32 Control and Calibration 20:14 Conclusion and Credits

AI Underwater

Snapshot of a reef survey from YouTube: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot to do tasks that are usually done by humans. A few decades ago, it may have seemed like a sci-fi movie, but these days, we...
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