Lady Gaga Buys $40,000 Therapeutic Aquarium

Matthew StansberyBy Matthew Stansbery 6 years ago
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Amidst her recent tour cancelation the tabloids are on fire again as stories of a $60,000 aquarium was installed for Lady Gaga, simply for the time she will spend recovering from hip surgery. Installed near her bed, the aquarium, and the reported Japanese koi fish that will be housed in the aquarium, were all purchased by Lady Gaga on top of the 24 karat gold wheel chair she is currently being pushed around in. lady-gaga An unidentified source: “she had a dream about the fish so she had bought Koi from Japan and set up a massive tank close to her bed to entertain her as she recovers. The whole exercise cost over 40,000 pound which is a lot to most people but small change to her”. Read more here!

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