2014 Top Ten Blog Posts

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2014no10b.jpg#10 (tie): Operation: Angelfish

What do you do when a Scribbled Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus duboulayi) has a bowel obstruction? Marine breeder Chad Vossen saved his friend’s fish with surgery. We share this inspiring story of true dedication for the fish we keep.

2014no10a.jpg#10 (tie): Red light negatively affects health of stony coral

A new study led by Dr. Tim Wijgerde has concluded red light actively represses chlorophyll a and zooxanthellae growth in Stylophora pistillata whereas blue light appears to do the exact opposite.

2014no9.jpg#9: Pet(ting) Fish

Fish are not regarded as interactive pets, but don’t tell that to these guys. We have no scientific evidence that man-made hybrids are more friendly and engaging, but these videos make a convincing argument.

2014no8.jpg#8: Distant Hollow: A dramatic aquascape by Exotic Aquatics

Exotic Aquatics is an Australian fish store specializing in freshwater/nature aquascapes … and they are REALLY good at what they do. Their latest aquarium is called Distant Hollow. We don’t have enough superlatives to describe the quality of their work.

2014no7.jpg#7: Designer clownfish as feeder fish

This video of a juvenile dwarf cuttlefish eating a captive raised designer clownfish is not just fantastic to watch, but it may point us in a new direction for feeding marine predators.

2014no6.jpg#6: The world’s most expensive and ridiculous aquarium

Aquarium-related news has been quite slow this week so we’ve decided to have fun this Friday by turning the clock back to 2010 when Stuart Hughes introduced the most expensive and over-the-top residential aquarium ever made. You will not believe the price or the details.

2014no5.jpg#5: What eats a Great White Shark?

An electronic tag of a 3 meter great white shark washed ashore. The data it gathered is the stuff of nightmares, showing the shark had rapidly plummeted to a depth of 580 meters (nearly 2000 feet)! At that depth, the temperature sensor jumped from 46 degrees to 78 degress F where it remained for eight days at varying depth before returning back to sea temperature. Something had dragged the apex predator (or at least the sensor) down to the abyss … and ate it!

2014no4.jpg#4: San Francisco to establish dumping pond for unwanted fish

SFGate.com reports that San Francisco will soon establish an “amnesty pond” for people to dispose of unwanted pet fish. The Presidio Trust – a federal agency established to conserve SF Bay – decided to create this pond because too many pet fish were being dumped into local natural lakes.

2014no3.jpg#3: The ultimate kitchen aquarium? Coffee table aquariums have nothing on this.

Who needs cabinet space when you can have a massive aquarium instead? Robert Kolenik imagined the “Ocean Keuken” (keuken is Dutch for kitchen) into reality, and its the very definition of opulence for the modern aquarist.

2014no2.jpg#2: Monterey Bay Aquarium’s newest superstar

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s newest exhibit, “Tentacles,” opened earlier this month and is all about cephalopods. The new exhibit has given rise to a new aquarium superstar: the incredible (and incredibly adorable) flapjack octopus.

2014no1.jpg#1: AMAZING time lapse coral reef video

Every now and then, we encounter content that is so remarkable that we simply throw up our hands and say “You win! We aren’t going to find better material for our blog today.” This video was such an encounter. If your mind isn’t blown by this time lapse compilation, you need to get your eyes (or sanity) checked.


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