Reef Kids: Jellyfish in a Bottle

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jellyfish craft 3Here’s a fun art project to keep the little ones entertained and occupied during these long summer days – a serene jellyfish of one’s own, floating peacefully in a water bottle.  The activity uses all recycled materials; its a great opportunity to talk with the kids about our oceans, and the havoc that plastic bags and other plastic debris is causing. The organization Plastic Oceans has a ton of information on the subject, if you need a jumping-off point: Plastic Oceans.  The project itself is quite simple, you just need a plastic grocery bag, a water bottle, string, food coloring, and scissors.


1. flatten the bag and cut off the handles and bottomjellyfish craft

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2.cut along both sides to create two plastic sheets (you will only need one sheet per jellyfish)

3. gather the center of the sheet into a tiny balloon to make the head, and tie with string – leave a tiny hole to pour in water at the end

4. cut 8-10 strips from the edges up to the head to begin the tentacles

5.  cut each tentacle again to make a few small strips, and cut off any remaining parts

6. trim to make longer and shorter tentaclesjellyfish craft 2

7. put a little bit of water in the head so that it will sink, but leave air inside to help it float

8. fill up your water bottle, adding a few drops of blue food coloring for effect.

9. insert your jellyfish, screw on the cap, and shake lightly




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