2018 Aquatic Experience Coverage Part III: Reef Candies

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I mentioned in the first part of the 2018 Aquatic Experience Coverage that the show was dominated by freshwater aquariums and equipment designed to support those systems. That being said, the saltwater side of the hobby was also proudly represented by a handful of coral vendors, as well as a few manufacturers well known to reef aquarium hobbyists. Since I have the tradition of documenting corals and display tanks present at trade shows through the macro photographs I do, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do the same at 2018 AE.

Perhaps the most important saltwater display tank featured at the show was at the Cobalt Aquatics booth. The single C-Vue all-in-one aquarium featured what can only be described as the latest and greatest advances in marine aquarium fish captive breeding efforts. The tank was filled with the captive-reared fish brought by Jen from Colchester Pet Shop– clownfish, flame angelfish, and most notably, the beloved Yellow Tangs that were only recently brought to daylight.

A couple of other vendors had their own saltwater displays and products on the show’s floor, including:

This cute reef tank at Fluval’s booth:

This modular Grab ‘N Go Retail Display at the Pro Clear Aquatic Systems booth:

There was a shark show too, don’t ask any questions, it was crazy to see sharks in a show like that!

Now the part everyone is waiting for- reef candies!! Thank you to all vendors for letting me photograph these insane-looking corals and fish:








Please come back for more 2018 Aquatic Experience Coverage and as always, thank you for reading!

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