Walking down the aisles of Aquatic Experience and seeing rows of beautiful displays, talking to interesting people from the other side of the hobby, and generally being humbled by the strength of the freshwater aquarium industry was a worthy experience. In the last part of the Coverage series, I would like to mention all the remaining booths and events I couldn’t fit in the previous parts. I hope you enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to meet you all next year! Thank you and big thanks from everyone here at reefs.com!!!

Let’s start with more amazing freshwater aquascapes like this one displayed at a unique show feature titled Fish From Around The World Display.

or the great outdoor garden mockup called Koi Pond and Fountainscapes

This unique aquarium showcased Current USA’s latest product called SERENE ( I will write about it in a feature piece I’m putting together)

I fell in love with bettas after seeing these beauties at the International Betta Congress booth.

More cool tanks from the show:

At the Hydor booth

Waterscapes Aquatic Plant Nursery

And Prehistoric Fish display!

Seven Sea Supply

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