Brian Smith at Gear by Poseidon has just created an informative, easy-to-read infographic on what he considers to be the top 40 scuba destinations in the world.

The locations range from his number one pick, Mary’s Place, in Honduras, to his number 18 pick, Thistlegorm, in the Red Sea, to his number 39 pick, Silfra, in Iceland. And each entry has the same set of very useful information: location (of course), water temperature, depth, and visibility. He also lists the flight time from Seattle and from Miami, as well as the currency, language, and best month to go. As Brian writes, “The right planning is key to a successful diving trip… The most important part of planning is having the right information.”

top 40 scuba destinations

I couldn’t agree more, and I think this infographic is a great overview, as well as a good starting point for planning your next diving trip. The infographic is available here. While you’re on the website, consider looking around for a minute; Brian has compiled a few good lists, including “Best Scuba Diving Computers,” “Best Scuba Diving Tanks,” and more. The website is free of charge, and full of useful information.

Happy diving, everyone, and if you have more sites to add to this list, feel free to leave a message in the comments section below!

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