Don’t forget the leak test – it’s an important part of setting up your new aquarium

Marine aquarium hobbyists can make any number of mistakes when setting up a new system, but some of these errors aren’t as easy as others to rectify after the fact. What follows is a list of five setup errors that are difficult or complicated to correct by the time their consequences become evident:

1. Situating the tank too far from utilities: It should come as no surprise that efficient long-term operation of any aquarium system depends on convenient access to water and electricity. Try to choose a location for your tank that is in reasonable proximity to a water tap, waste drain, and GFCI-protected electrical outlets. Otherwise you’ll end up lugging heavy buckets of water over considerable distances and/or up and down flights of stairs as well as running unsightly extension cords all over the place.

2. Failing to level: Yes, I know that every book or article ever written about setting up an aquarium states that the tank should be leveled before it’s filled with water MORE

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