RNN Episode 160 – The Cycle Conundrum

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A Big T call, Remy brings us a great tip of the week and The Cycle Conundrum.
Jeremy has started designing his sump with Crystal Dynamic Aquariums and making the tubs ready for fish and coral. Peter is having fun with his tank even with some rock re-arrangement by the eel. All this and more on Episode 160 of the Reef News Network!


Peter- RAP California is canceled

Remy’s Bahama Llama Tip of the Week: Schedule Now for the Busier Times

Main Topic: How often do you hear questions about the aquarium nitrogen cycle? For something that’s so important, it’s surprising just how much mystery remains around this subject. We have talked about the cycle and helpful products in the past and we’ve tried almost all of them today we will go over them again and try to bring some clarity.

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