A Journey Beneath the Waves

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Coyote Peterson, host of Brave Wilderness.

Over 4 billion views on YouTube and 19 million subscribers! I’d say he’s not doing too badly.  Coyote Peterson started his educating career in 2009 with The Reptile Show, which then became Breaking Trail. After developing and shooting the show for 5 years, Brave Wilderness was born.

Steve Irwin II?

Steve Irwin had passed away and Jeff Corwin was doing something else by this stage, so it was Coyote’s turn to fill the role of crazy-guy-who-catches-animals-so-that-he-can-tell-us-about-them. He started with snapping turtles and then moved on to insects, crocodiles, catfish and stingrays…to name a few. The main aim was to show interesting wildlife in its natural habitat.

Coyote, your personal guide in an animal adventure,
entering extremes of nature to find interesting and misunderstood wildlife.

He did very well for himself, shooting videos of getting stung and bitten by all sorts of creatures, but what fascinates most budding marine biologists is the “Beyond the Tide” episodes and Blue Wilderness series that he started with his director, Mark Vins.

If you haven’t watched it yet and you have kids, do yourself a favor and find an episode.  Your kids will love it and learn something while getting their screen fix.


Go Big or Go Home

Being on YouTube, meant that he could reach a large audience, but Coyote’s goal was to reach the “big leagues”, which he did in 2020 when he signed a contract with Animal Planet. Now you can learn more about misunderstood wildlife online and the old-fashioned way.


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