A new, bigger NoClean Aquarium 

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A new, bigger NoClean Aquarium

The new two-gallon NoClean Fish Bowl

Here is a video of the original NoClean Aquarium to demonstrate its design concept:


The idea is rather ingenious: fill the tank with clean water to prime the built-in siphon, which draws the dirtiest water from the bottom of the tank (like an undergravel filter) out of the tank.  The siphon will automatically break at the designed water level (a small hole in the siphon breaks the siphoning effect once the water dips below this level).

NoClean’s designers Craig Wenger & David Turover have now successfully funded a new round of Kickstarter crowd-sourcing to start production for a new, bigger two-gallon NoClean Aquarium.  In addition to the larger volume, the new NoClean is designed in the classic fish-bowl form factor, which will undoubtedly appeal to a broader demographic.

While the new two-gallon NoClean is a big improvement (in both form and function) over the original one-gallon design, we would love to see a bigger NoClean still.  Two gallons simply isn’t enough water volume for most  aquarium livestock.  We love the concept; any aquarium product that facilitates and encourages casual fishkeepers to maintain water quality is most welcomed in our hobby.  We just hope to see an even bigger NoClean in the future.


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