A Treat for Tridacnophiles

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tridacnid clam

My trip to the Red Sea a few months ago turned out to be a great opportunity to expand my catalog of tridacnid images, which I’m going to share with you here.  The main image (above) shows a rather interesting maxima with some unusual mantle texture.  A Blotcheye Soldierfish (Myripristis murdjan), at around 25cm offers something for scale.

tridacnid clam

This picture was my attempt at something a little more abstract, and shows a really amazing mantle belonging to what I think is a squamosa.  Talking of squamosas, the animal below is quite a beauty.

tridacnid clam

Growing within a large colony of Porites, this lime green specimen really caught my eye.  The fish to the bottom right is a juvenile Larabicus quadrilineatus, the splendidly-colored Fourline wrasse.

tridacnid clam

This Maxima represents a very commonly seen color morph, which many tridacnid keepers will no doubt recognize.  These electric blue specimens pepper the reefs to such an extent that it’s easy to become immune to their charms.

tridacnid clam

My last image for this post is a trio of tridacnids that I imagine will one day be reduced to a single individual as they compete for space and light.  For the moment though, it makes a very attractive sight.


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