Acan Kaleidescope at Quality Marine

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Pretty in Pink

Since the day I started adding corals to my tank, one theme has remained ever present: color, color color. I’ve always been on the search for more color, whether I was buying frags or colonies. This also seems to be the biggest requirement when helping someone else find their next cool coral. At first zoas seem like the best path to color, but they all seem to blur together, leaving little contrast for the eyes to focus on. The next obvious place to look for a huge range of color was SPS, but though their colors can be amazing under the right lighting, they leave little contrast at all and are way too high maintenance to grow. What I and many other reef hobbyists need is something colorful, moderately easy to grow, easy to come by and, most of all, colorful beyond imagination. Acans are the next choice I came across. Their big fleshy bodies with wide bands of bright colors directly adjacent to bands of high contrast colors give them what’s needed to catch the eye. They are a little hard to come by though, and even when you do find them, they are not always colorful. This is where the aquaculture side of the industry really begins to shine. Acans have long been grown and fragged in captivity, but not with reliable repeatable results as far as coloration. What is needed is high grade acans, cataloged, named and readily available to the industry. Enter Quality Marine! Recently Quality Marine, famous for high quality fish, has started a program to do just that. They pick only the best of the best, grow them, catalog them, name them and frag them for our pleasure. Then they take it a step further. Available to the PUBLIC is their catalog of acans available for retailers to order, so now instead of hoping to find that choice piece at the LFS, we can simply pick from the images on their site and request a special order of the exact acan we want! If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

Visit their online catalogue today and ask your LFS to get that special piece in for you: Quality Marine Reefhab Acans


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