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Aquarium maintenance companies are often asked to set up up a fully-functional reef aquarium as quickly as possible, just like they do on those reality TV shows. Well, entertaining TV aside, that’s not how it works in the real world of reefkeeping is it? A successful start to a reef aquarium requires establishing the necessary bacterial colonies to manage nutrient loads and avoid toxic accumulations of nitrogenous waste. Nevertheless, the speedy set up of a life-sustaining reef aquarium is an appealing concept if it can be done in the interest of the inhabitants. And we’re not talking here about cycling a new system with stressed out damselfish.

New on the reefkeeping scene is a system aimed at the professional aquarium maintenance companies, designed and developed by Steve Lowes of Cayuga Aquatics. Steve informs us that the ACE 170 aquarium is the result of 10 plus years of product development based off his experience designing, building, installing and maintaining high-end reef systems. With a 4 foot x 4 foot footprint and a 170 gallon low-iron glass display, the ACE 170 is well suited for installation…


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