Acid Patchwork Echinophyllia from Unique Corals Burns Up Our Retinas

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We’ve seen some pretty awesome chalices in our day, but this one is probably going to rank right up near the top of our list of all time favorites. Called the Acid Patchwork Echinophyllia, this rainbow colored colony from Unique Corals is totally different from the other multi-colored chalices that we’ve come across in recent years. Undoubtedly, there has been a huge explosion of out-of-this-world chalices, but this one differs from the rest of the pack in that its colors look like they were dripped onto the coral canvas. Most of the chalices we’ve seen have a distinct separation of colors, but the Acid Patchwork piece blends and layers the colors so much better. According to Unique Corals, this maricultured chalice has been in captivity for several weeks, maintaining its ‘”acid-etched” conglamoration of color’ under LED lighting. The price on this insane coral was set at just under $1100, but it has been marked as “out of stock” on the site. MORE: Acid Patchwork Echinophyllia from Unique Corals Burns Up Our Retinas

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