Why Acropora

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Every coral reef enthusiast starts somewhere when a reef aquarium begins.  Many start with soft corals and easier fleshy stoney corals with great success.  However I have found a trend in long term reef aquarists with many focusing on Acropora species as they advance in the art of reef keeping.  The flowing movement of soft corals and fleshy stoney corals soon gets replaced with the colorful formation of reef building species corals.  The art of keeping important minerals in check and stability is something that can not be rushed and may take years to master, which I believe is one of the factors in this delay.  Many have asked me “why Acropora” when they first view some of my reefs.  These are the new and inexperienced reef aquarists mostly, and their eye for beauty differs from the aged salty type, is my assumption.  But when an experienced aquarists that has paid the dues required to keep these beautiful animals long term, views the same reef, this question will never need to be asked.  The answer is crystal clear, nothing can match the colorful intricate formations and delicate polyps of the Acropora species.  A perfect beauty that is not seen by all, but is present in a large majority of all great advanced reef aquariums.


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