Advanced Coral Color and Growth Techniques

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mrsaltwatertank-webinar-1-reefsMr. Saltwater Tank and Justin Credabel have just announced an exciting new collaboration: the Advanced Coral Color and Growth Techniques webinar. Designed for intermediate and advanced hobbyists, the webinar focuses on accelerating coral growth and enhancing colors in both hard and soft corals.

“Getting great coral growth and color elude most hobbyists”, explained Mark Callahan, aka Mr. Saltwater Tank, “some hobbyists get good growth, and even fewer get great coral color. I wanted to take the variability out of the equation”.

mrsaltwatertank-webinar-reefsMark and Justin have worked together on several problem reef tanks over the years, and the two will share the methods that they have refined and perfected to create repeatable results, “I had several client tanks that were doing mediocre at best and I needed to turn these tanks around. I flew Justin in to look over the systems and he gave me suggestions. I took his advice, made some tweaks with his input and made changes in the systems. The changes in coral growth and color were noticeable within weeks which made my clients, and me very happy”

The webinar follows these tanks and uses them as case studies for the topics taught in each of the four sessions.

The topics include:
Nutrients in the tank: Some nutrients are quite beneficial to the home aquarium, and the team will explain which ones are beneficial, how much you need, and why. They’ll also reveal some tried-and-true tricks to controlling the “bad” ones.
Important (overlooked) elements: Most aquarists are familiar with Calcium and Alkalinity, but there are other elements that play a big role in a reef aquarium’s success. Find out what they are and how to test for and maintain optimal levels.
Methods: Do you avoid technology as much as possible, or dream of automating every last tank maintenance chore? The series will cover both the latest and the most traditional methods of successful reefkeeping.

Case studies: Dozens of detailed photographs illustrate the methods used to turn tanks around.

Exclusive offers from online retailers.

Each session includes a live question and answer session.

The webinar starts in mid January and enrollment closes on Dec 29th. For more information about Mr. Saltwater Tank, visit his website HERE

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