AlgaGen’s latest addition to their Coral Smoothie line is an interesting one.  Mollusks make up a big part of the diet of reef critters, including the lucky cnidarians who manage to catch some of the nutritious food.  While we’ve had whole or chopped clams available in the hobby for a while, and indeed many different feeds contain pulverized clams, this is the first all-clam food design for a reef aquarium.  We got our hands on a bottle of it and were quite pleased with the results.  While it does smell like the back room of a clam shack, our tank went absolutely bonkers when we added just a small bit.  There is a decent amount of oil and juice in the bottle, which enters the tank as a white cloud.  After that dissipates you’re left with very small particles of raw clam, which all of our fish immediately went after.  More importantly, nearly all of our LPS corals extended their feeding tentacles, they seemed pretty eager to pick some of it up.  We have yet to try and target feeding, but it does seem to get a great response just from being in the water column.  Ask your local fish store when they will carry the latest from AlgaGen.

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