Amazing Corals from the Red Sea

by | Jan 8, 2020 | Photography | 0 comments

I’ve been sharing images from a recent Red Sea trip and thought I’d offer some that show an impressive collections of corals.

My first image shows a really interesting growth of hydrozoans.  I shot this picture at around twenty meters; it shows what would appear to be a dead tabulate acropora which at present hosts colonies of Sinularia and not a great deal more.  Underneath though, just look at that lush growth of hydrozoans.  It’s no surprise that the hydrozoans are growing well in this high current area.

This picture shows some of the finest growths of soft corals I think I’ve ever seen. My ID skills when it comes to Dendronephtheids and their relatives isn’t reliable, so I won’t even attempt to offer species names for these corals. These corals were growing on a reef wall that had consistent currents and a food supply the currents provided.

This image shows a bright red Dendronephthya and what appears to be a species of Litophyton growing above it, with xeniids as well.  I quite like the trio of orchid dottyback and the squammies at the top right.

My last image is quite different and offers some aquascaping inspiration, though it isn’t very colorful I’m afraid.  The Xeniid growing on the right is the delicate Anthelia glauca I think.


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