Amazing Fish and Coral Circles

by | Dec 20, 2011 | Corals, Fish, Photography | 0 comments

In the spirit of holiday decorations, here are some Amazing Fish and Coral Circles.

These images are easy and fun to make. Here are some more for you to enjoy.

Other non fish and coral amazing circles.

  • Sanjay Joshi

    Sanjay Joshi in real life is a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Penn State University. He has been a reef addict since 1992, and currently keeps several reef aquariums at home including a 500G SPS coral dominated reef. He also co-manages the 500G aquarium at Penn State. He has published several articles in magazines such as Marine Fish and Reef Annual, Aquarium Frontiers, Aquarium Fish, and Advanced Aquarist. In addition, he has been an invited speaker at several marine aquarium society meetings in the US and Europe. He received the MASNA award in 2006, for his contributions to the marine aquarium hobby.


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